Value for money?


CC Photography Value for Money

CC Photography and Videography understand that quality is everything, and we have created an experience that we are sure is worth while and of a high quality. What do we do to get the best value for money and the best product in the best possible way.

We have been in the professional market for almost 10 years, coming from a background of over 10 years of photography. We are currently averaging 3 to 5 photo-shoots a month and retouching out over 800 photographs a month. We have an extensive knowledge of camera systems, lighting, and retouching software; Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Niks Software and Premier Pro.
As an Olympus Ambassador Craig Botha is personally using a full Olympus OMD range, but together we can boast the use of Nikon and Canon. Combined we have a total of 8 camera's with a range of lenses, lighting equipment and lighting modifiers.
Craig Botha is accredited by South African Professional Photographer and is a member of the Photographic Society of Southern Africa. In the last year we have been published numerous times in the Real Bride Magazine and have had 3 of our images feature in Time Square New York.
We have over the years refined our approach to photographing clients, whom we no longer like to think of as clients, but friends. From the time you send us an inquiry we work at making you feel comfortable, spoiling you at every chance we get and making every interaction fun and enjoyable. We like to talk on the phone and even meet face to face as much as possible to avoid a cold emails, even tho we can not totally eliminate emails, we try hard to minimize it.
For us it is vital to meet, not only do we get to know each other; but you will be able to be re-assured we are real people and that we value interaction. Planning is a big part of us ensuring we understand your vision and deliver a product that is exactly what you are looking for. On top of this we do a lot of planning behind the scene's, venue location and scouting, lighting evaluation and even posing idea's.
We have spent years using different suppliers until we found a supplier that is able to deliver a quality product. From books to albums, prints to canvases, we have made sure that they are the best quality with the longest life span. We are so confident that we even have these products for ourselves. Our Album, canvases on the wall are exactly what we will send to you.
We will send you mock ups of your book and or canvas to get your approval. Once satisfied we will then send everything off to print. We want to keep you involved in the creation of your product as much as possible.
We take a lot of pride in how our product looks, and we put a lot of personal touches into our product to keep you feeling special and spoilt. We will then as much as possible try and hand deliver it to you, but if we cant, we package it into a protective package and post-net it to you, ensuring that it arrives safely, on time and well looked after.